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UPCOMING SOLANA PROJECTS TO EXPLODE! | Best Solana Projects to Buy Now (Solana NFT Buying + Selling)

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UPCOMING SOLANA PROJECTS TO EXPLODE! | Best Solana Projects to Buy Now (Solana NFT Buying + Selling)

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  1. I've lost quite a good number of coins in the current dip,I just hope I find a way to recover from such a massive loss.

  2. Matt I suggest adding YouTube segments, it adds more quality to your video and also helps people differentiate better.

  3. Even with the current votality in crypto right now, I'm still happy that I can smile back to my portfolio on over $93,000. Had my portfolio doubled by flipping NFts

  4. Great video!!! Thanks for your work. Could you take another look at the Doodle Friends project and touch on it a bit more. They minted yesterday and reveal on Saturday. Would love to hear your positivity!!!

  5. Money is an issue that everyone has for a better and luxurious life was hard for me until I started trading Bitcoin and am now earning $ 18,435 per week

  6. I like how matt always highlights team. Thats how you can tell a pro from a rookie, they get crazy over art and utility all that blindly and when you get that, ptojects with so so art and solid team like Metatriads or PulpnPee suddenly become much more appealing.

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