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All terra luna classic holders need to see this video to ensure they have all the news and info before the huge gains come
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  1. Trying to make sense of cryptocurrencies can be a bit overwhelming for investors. < It's a nascent but promising asset class built on technology that has the potential to disrupt a wide range of industries. For investors, what's probably most attractive is the possibility of life-changing returns. Don't worry, you're not late to the crypto party. We're likely still in the very early innings, leaving you with lots of time to put money to work and learn about this burgeoning market. If you're new to crypto then my advise is that you trade with the guidance of an expert. I have learned from alot of especially from my mentor Anika Hobson, who taught me how to make trade and increase my portfolio to 19 btc lately.

  2. < first got into BTC back in 2016 and have been hodling /buying sats at different price points since. I've been through corrections before and will likely experience more over the future. Volatility is simply the price one needs to pay if they want to play. I don't have any Alts as I'm a bit of a BTC Maxi, but that said, if BTC hasn't died before, it surely won't do so now. Stick in there – yes we are all feeling the pain, but over the long run this will just be a blip. This is how I see past corrections when I felt that I got in at a high (back then I think it was less than $1000 and bouncing all over the place!). Now when I look back, all I see is regret for not having the courage in buying more at those times. But if you believe BTC has value, then by all means, buy the dips if you can afford to. For those who got in at 60 or 70K and feeling the crunch: hang in there. BTC is not a get rich quick scheme. Wait it out and you will see: you will come away stronger. I buy and just trade long term more than ever, I have made over 11` btc with 3.1btc in just 5weeks from day trading with Expert MR. Mercal Anderson Crypto in few weeks this is one of the best medium to backup your assets incase it goes bearish. Technical analysis is my second You can reach MR Mercal Anderson on ͲeIєɠɾαm @Macsignals. Cheers thank me later.

  3. Skimmers are on form as usual ..destroying the lunc..they won't be happy until they reap back (your investment)all the money they lost whilst they slept

  4. <Ich bin neu in der Kryptowährung und verstehe nicht, wie es wirklich funktioniert. Kann mir jemand den richtigen Ansatz zum Investieren und Erzielen guter Gewinne aus Kryptowährungsinvestitionen zeigen?

  5. I'm new to cryptocurrency and I don't understand how it really works. Can someone guide me on the right approach to investing and making good profit from cryptocurrency investment

  6. 2Bit Crypto, please do a video about Terra Luna Classic vs Lunatic. Some suggested to own Lunatic rather Terra Luna Classic.

  7. Thanks for your professional reviews 🙂
    Do not hesitate to use British £ instead. I believe your main audience is UK + Europe 😉

  8. Very good as usual. The market cycle still hasn't met its balance, we keep going round in circles while waiting for that huge blow out on a huge support but in the meantime we could always ignore the market ups and downs and stay fully invested. Big thanks to Chad Leon for helping me earn over 7BTC by implementing his method and following his guide.

  9. Thanks for great info. Can you please clear if LUNC will be safe during burning if I buy little more and hold in my binance spot.?? wallet?

  10. I bought Lunc via pancake swap on my trust wallet does the binance announced bridge closure have any affect or am I safe to just leave it in my trust wallet or do I need to move it elsewhere …. It’s difficult to find any understandable answer on this matter for someone not long into crypto

  11. Thanks for the info! We are absolutely in a recession but my greatest happiness is the $5,000 profit I make consistently from my investment every single week

  12. I've actually set my alarm for every 2 hours so I can check it and go back to sleep because it will drop in the middle of the night and burn everybody I know it sounds silly but I want to know when to move it out I've already been burned with a small amount like that I'm not letting it happen again

  13. That burn taxes going to go through 100% if it doesn't it's time to pull out cuz it's going to drop like a rock

  14. It hasn't dropped like a Rock so that's good normally on the weekends it drops like a Rock but this is holding steady through the weekend that is a very good sign that is still high it's holding say more like a stable coin very good very very good I have some money and stable coins but I may move it over

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