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WAVES coin is dangerous. Could EASILY crash like Terra Luna

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Waves crypto coin could mimic the Terra LUNA crash. Though WAVES is a solid gaming blockchain and has incredible potential …


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  1. Luna was hyperinflation because they mint new luna constantly and then burn it to UST and they can just keep minting new Luna non stop. Waves does not mint new waves. Waves inflation max is about 8%. Waves is only locked for usdn. You know very little about waves.

  2. Absolutely like your TA, but Iโ€™d like to point out my point of view, itโ€™s true that we have to refer to the historical data, however sometimes history doesnโ€™t repeat. BTC is almost like a tease when it gets to these levels and it starts to suck in liquidity around this range but we will have to see how the market reacts to these. This is a perfect time to partake in trading as it is volatile. I've made over 9.2 BTC when I started at 1.5 BTC in just a few weeks with Mrs Heather willborn. Analysis, her strategy is so satisfying.

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  4. Ok, James dude, scrap any nonsense comments I've written while in a stupper. I got like a serious question, is the 11-15% elron offers a redflag? I really dig it but man idk if I'll be allowed to play In the park if another luna ride breaks lol

  5. Love that you did this video, you will get hate from the waves fansboys, but good on you!

  6. Love waves too, but this could be a legit problem for them in the future

  7. I spotted the neutrino situation and removed my funds immediately, great vid James

  8. SIEMPRE NรšME AN 1. ๐Ÿ˜ LYNELLEE.Uno necesita a alguien como tรบ para actuar en los mejores espectรกculos.Son unos de los immers mejores .23:23 Ellos dos y las de Jason statam son los mejor . Saludosss

  9. No way is Waves anything like Terra Luna. Don't spread FUD.. They have better accountability and value their community unlike Do Kwon

  10. Hey James are you still doing a video on jasmy? Didn't know if u forgot about it lol

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