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If you are a supporter of the #Metoo movement or simply want to raise your voice to protect women and girls around the globe from sexual harassment, rape, abuse or violence family in a completely different way, the NFT #METOO project will be an ideal suggestion for you. #metoo #metoomovement #m2wnft

The special feature of the NFT #METOO project is that the charity activities for women’s rights are blockchainized by NFT, bringing the community transparency and unlimited connectivity. With the pioneering of Metoo Woman (M2W) – an organization of female artists who support the #metoo movement, the project wishes to collaborate with the community to create unique NFT collections representing voice as well as beauty. Of the woman. So how can you own NFT METOO?

From a viral hashtag to a global organization, we are working towards eradicating sexual violence by
Join the movement to support survivors and end sexual violence
Metoo Movement The Hashtag

Tarana Burke, Founder & Executive Director, ‘me too.’
Eleanor , CEO Me too Woman NFT
Ana Oliveira, President & CEO, NYWF
Camille Emeagwali, Senior VP, Programs & Strategic Learning, NYWF
Ada Williams Prince, Senior Advisor, Program Strategy & Investment, Pivotal Ventures

To support me too. International visit:
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  1. Phạm Hiền đây, có anh em nào trong nhóm thấy cmt em thì rep em với nha
    M2W mãi đỉnh

  2. I’m a female survivor of domestic abuse and I got to see Johnny Depp get the justice I couldn’t. I don’t feel defeated.

  3. Every statement like this further invalidates your cause. I’m a survivor, a feminist, and was an Amber supporter. Then I watched the evidence. Every woman & survivor I know is furious at her. We feel defeated by YOU and news sources still gaslighting us.

  4. Nope. I don’t feel defeated at all. AH lying and being held responsible for it has nothing to do with me. What an odd statement.

  5. There are plenty of unbiased and better support systems out there for woman and MEN.

  6. Are you even listening to survivors? Do you even care about survivors? Real survivors feel relief in this moment because a man (an abuse victim) has been freed from the shackles of false allegations made by a manipulative abuser – isn’t this what #MeToo is supposed to support?

  7. I’m confused – I thought key people in metoo disavowed AH after hearing the recordings. Maybe It was just personal betrayal?

  8. Despite all the evidence , this is the stance that you take. If you continue to not recognize that women can be abusers that you will have killed the movement.

  9. Wow, en serio después de meses de juicio, de chingo de pruebas, de un veredicto no tienen la humildad para decir "Nos equivocamos y nos apena que hayan utilizado este movimiento para tratar de sacar provecho"

    Qué triste que en su mundo radical un hombre no puede ser bueno.

  10. How can you be a birthing person if you haven't given birth? How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

  11. Can't you just call us women? If you must acknowledge that a tiny number of women affected identify as something else, say so. They know they're women too though…

  12. De acuerdo 👍🏼, mucha gente mediante movimiento buscando hacer dinero a costa del dolor ageno. Mira BLM tiene un revolutionary con supuestos malversación de fondos. Mira el pueblo es más inteligente y está gente no se puede confiar.#MenToo

  13. So now you are saying it's okay to hit a man, so now it is okay the other way around as well…😑

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