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What is a Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Bitcoin & Ethereum? Crypto 101 basics that you need to learn

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🌟 This EverydaySHEROE video, will provide a quick and easy to consume explanation on what is a cryptocurrency, blockchain, bitcoin and ethereum 🌟

πŸ”‘ What the video is about:

We understand that the crypto world can be extremely intimidating, daunting and at the pace its moving it can be hard to understand. At the same time you are fascinated by the crypto world and you realize that blockchain technology and digital assets are slowly becoming mainstream on the news and in your friend and family circle.

This video will give you the knowledge you seekπŸ“š

Looking for a great and concise explanation of what a cryptocurrency, blockchain, bitcoin and ethereum is? Instead of watching 4 videos that will confuse you, just watch one succinct video and you’ll have a high level overview of what you need to know to get the basic learnings of the NFT and crypto space.

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πŸ”‘ About Us:

EverydaySHEROE is an educational technology company and access Non Fungible Token (NFT) dedicated in helping the crypto curious and Web3 newbies transition into the crypto world through online training, career and networking opportunities.

We strive to deliver content on everything from learning how to navigate the NFT marketplaces to teaching you about crypto wallets, how to stay safe, emerging cryptocurrency markets and more!

Whether you’re looking to learn more about crypto and NFTs you can learn
how you can transition from Web2 or being crypto curious by watching all the videos on our channel. We strive to make the process easy and simple to understand, as we were crypto curious and Web3 newbies as well.

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