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What Is Crypto Mining? Beginners Guide To Ethereum Mining 2022 | Should You Mine Bitcoin & Ethereum

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Crypto Wave here and in this video, I talk about almost everything you need to know to get started with cryptocurrency mining and whether you should bitcoin mine, Ethereum mine or even start mining Crypto with GPUs (graphics cards) at all. We talk about the nitty gritty numbers of a beginner NVIDIA 1660 Super rig, we talk about Ethereum 2.0 and the future of crypto mining, and a lot more! We also go over mining Ravencoin, mining Ergo, mining Flux and what would happen if everyone switches to rvn mining, or the other coins.

This video covers “what is cryptocurrency mine?” “How to cryptocurrency mine?” “How to mine ethereum” “How to mine cryptocurrency” “how to mine crypto”

I will be posting more cryptocurrency coins, altcoin news, Bitcoin news, Ethereum news, best altcoins, more x10 or x100 potential coins and much more, everything is relevant and updated for 2022. We are currently in January 2022, so the price and numbers might change in January 2022 if you are watching this video in the future.

0:00 What Is Crypto Mining?
2:53 Costs and Profitability
7:10 Ethereum Mining Dying
10:00 Mining Ravencoin, Flux, Ergo
10:53 Final Conclusion

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What Is Crypto Mining? Beginners Guide To Crypto Mining 2022 | Should You Mine Bitcoin & Ethereum, Ravencoin, Flux, Ergo

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a financial Advisor. This video is for entertainment and education purposes only. This video is not financial advice. Contact a licensed financial professional in your area for professional advice.
Some of these coins may be paid promotions.

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  5. Great mining video cryptowave, I’ve always wanted to run my own rig, now I’m seriously considering it ⛏ hopefully eth 2.0 doesn’t tank mining profitability! I’d like to see more mining content from you in the near future

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