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What is my Crypto Mining plan before & after the Ethereum Merge?

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00:00 Ethereum merge is coming mid September 15th
01:56 Terminal Total Difficulty TTD is set to 587500000000000000000000
03:27 Bellatrix fork slot and time upgrade September 6th
04:27 Goerli Issue Tracker
05:47 Before the merge by 1 day is also the Ethereum difficulty bomb activation
07:04 The end of Proof of Work on Ethereum is coming
08:03 The profitability emergence of PoW coins before the Ethereum merge?
23:08 My opinion on GPU prices post Ethereum merge
32:02 What is my Crypto Mining plan going forward now till the Ethereum merge?
38:40 What is my Crypto Mining plan AFTER the Ethereum merge?


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*DISCLAIMER* When it comes to GPU Mining, remember Silicon Lottery! Results MAY vary from GPU to GPU so your Clocks/Undervolt/Voltage shown in my videos may not work for you because of GPU Brand/Memory/Manufacturing what have you. Temperatures and your Cooling methods will also play the part and have an affect. Test at your OWN RISK and do your OWN RESEARCH.

Disclaimer – I am not an expert. This is not financial advice and do your own research. Everything said is from my point of view and for entertainment purposes.


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  1. Have you some advice what and how to mine
    GPUs: 1x GTX 1050TI; 1x quadro K2000; 2x quadro 2000D; 2x quadro K600
    electricity: 0.2€/kWh.

  2. and btw that "spec mining" is total bullshit, you can just mine eth and then swap it for the others coins…

  3. Currently selling what i mine. For us its nice to have extra income. After the merge will move on to flux or ergo and maybe sell off older cards. Definitely not stopping

  4. Great vid RPM. The format was like a mining round table for one. You defo covered what a lot of home/hobbiest/small to medium miners are probably thinking about and what to do pre and post merge (ref questions 4 & 5). Thank you

  5. What if the merge fails? Will POW keep going??

    Is there a period of time that pow keeps going as a backup to pos?

  6. a person that is mining around 1 year doesnt know the perm proof of work? rly? cmon^^ i started in august last year, that hurts^^

  7. if your loosing money mining, you should spend what you would of spent on electricity on your allocated crypto instead, yeild more and save wear and tear on cards until it's profitable again. I realise in your instance your a crypto tuber so it's part of your livelyhood to make videos on mining.

  8. It is going to be a wild ride, buckle up! Will move 50pct of my farm to Nicehash and will see what happens in the first few weeks.

  9. i watched the whole video.
    and my plan since im just starting is to just get a handful of cards up and running on my personal computer.
    i actually got the 8 pin splitter today and i already had another 1660 so i got 2 cards mining now.
    1660 and 1660 super 1660.
    the electric bill is pretty high here so i wanna see if i can get a couple battery's and solar panels.
    and maybe one day ill actually expand to a decent mining operation.
    but im broke so for now im just gonna keep it small.
    great video btw and i love your channel

  10. Long videos are the best for the road 🙂 listened until the end. Make a long video from Ergo, i really want to hear your thoughts on Ergo

  11. nice video RPM so as i understand we have to keep till that time if we want to buy some miners or gpus? especially for etc i think it will be like hell for someone that have a rig with 250 M h/s even to break even…

  12. If we could have more better people just like
    The above team☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️this world
    would be peaceful and very nice to stay💯

  13. Europe is having an energy crisis, and other geopolitical issues which affects a huge number of miners

  14. For me its easy:

    1. Before ETH POS: Hedging, continuing mining ETH on my AMD cards to get as much profit as i can while i can, but my Nvidia GPU is on Flux to get some of those yields now while i can. Its spiked recently but was going well last month or two.
    2. After ETH: Probably do a similar AMD & Nvidia split depending on whats best on AMD. Probably keep Nvidia on Flux, but AMD is where ill be flexible to jump to Raven/Ergo or even give Flux a go, but dont like putting all my eggs in 1 Flux basket.

  15. I will never understand the "if you decide to mine at a loss" where those people seem to bet on the coin going up in price later:
    Why on earth would you spend more on your energy cost to mine a coint that you can buy outright for less.
    If your energy cost are higer that the value of the coin your are mining then turn off the rigs and buy the damn coin outright for less

  16. Can you also make a video on upcoming new epoch? on ETH dag..bcz so many asics will not be able to mine ETH anymore so we would like to see how many hash drops and how it affect on current mainnet hash..that might can delay in merge also i guess .

  17. I'm gonna continue to mine for sure, but I may be more invested into small asic miners while I wait for the market to even out and the next profitable coin comes, my GPUs will probably sit on nicehash since it'll algo switch to the most profitable coin at the time.

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