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I am going to explain a wonderful crypto called radio caca coin , you will surprise about it’s project. In this video We will explain.
What is radio caca coin?
How does RACA coin work?
RACA coin NFT Marketplace
How to get RACA coin Token
Is Radio Caca coin a good investment?
And long term radio caca price prediction price prediction for.

What is Radio Caca coin?
Radio Caca coin is a decentralized autonomous organization, it operated by
internet-native individuals all over the globe who share a single vision of building a brave new virtual world. Radio Caca coin support Maye Musk Mystery Box NFT, DeFi, gamefi, for The (Universal Metaverse). And It has also continued to dominate the secondary NFT markets of Binance’s ecosystem. Its token called caca developed on the BEP-20 standard of the Binance Smart Chain network. This utility token is used to pay for products and services in the music and digital art space. finally, this project represented by billionaire Elon Musk’s mother. Maye musk. The current Coin Market Cap ranking is 221, with a live market cap of 543 billion $ USD. It has a circulating supply about 300 billion Radio CACA coins and a max supply of 433 billion RADIO CACA coins.
How does RADIO CACA COIN work?
Radio Caca COIN has three small projects as follows:
Maye Musk Mystery Box (MPB)
Maye Musk has a utility token called MPB. Each MPB unlocks new countries and forces in the USM Metaverse. The minimum price of 1 MPB on the secondary market is about 550 thousand RACA and the maximum price of 1 MPB is 100 billion RADIO CACA COIN.

USM Metaverse
USM Metaverse is a 3D Mapping Metaverse developed over two years by developers from Tencent and Roblox. USM will launch a minigame that customers can participate in under the Play 2 Earn model.
In the USM Metaverse, you use VR/AR technology to take on a new identity in the virtual world, including new clothes, a new physique, new skills, and so on.
Each player in the USM Metaverse is also a builder. They create a social network around themselves, set up a comprehensive economic system, and then create a new virtual civilization.

Metamon GameFi
Metamon is developed by The USM Metaverse. The game allows users to play the game and make a profit (P2E).
To join the game, players use RADIO CACA COIN to hunt Metamon characters in the following ways:
Buy Metamon on Radio Caca COIN NFT Marketplace. Depending on the strength index, there will be different prices.
Buy Metamoon Eggs and incubate them to open a Mature Metamon.
Hunt Mystery Boxes and open them for a chance to win Metamon.
In the game Metamoon, RADIO CACA Tokens will act as “AXS” in the game Axie Infinity.

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RACA NFT Marketplace
The RADIO CACA NFT marketplace adopted the same technological solution as OpenSea.
When you connect your BSC wallet to RACA NFT Marketplace, all of the NFTs on BSC will be shown.
Radio Caca is to launch a public blockchain called USM Public Chain built on Ethereum. The chain will be interoperable with other public chains such as Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.
How to get RACA Token
Buying RACA on cryptocurrency exchanges.
Playing Metamon game to get rewards as eggs, which can be sold to get RACA tokens.You can sell, buy and store RACA on Coin98 Wallet.

Is Radio Caca coin a good investment?
Metaverse coins have been affected by Facebook’s decision to change their name to Meta and focus on the metaverse. The spread of the Metaverse, as more significant firms begin to focus on similar virtual worlds, could have a favorable impact on Metaverse Crypto initiatives. Radio Caca COIN ecosystem has grown to include the P2E Metamon Game, many NFTs. In the future, they will aim for the complete Metaverse product. I believe that Radio Caca coin will become a true GameFi and Metaverse leader on Binance Smart Chain in the future.
Radio caca coin price today is about 0.002$ Based on our forecasts the price prognosis for 2027is 0.0134 US Dollars. With a 5-year investment, the revenue is expected to be around +485%.
Before adding RACA to your portfolio, you should carefully monitor the crypto market’s movement and determine the proper price range for your entry. Investing in Crypto contains hugely high risks, and you should only invest the fund you are willing to lose.



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