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What is Telos & Should You Buy It? ($TLOS Token Analysis) #HotAltcoins #CryptoUpdates

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In this video we discuss crypto project Telos (ticker: $TLOS) which recently launched its new EVM or Ethereum Virtual Machine. The Telos blockchain was designed to be a scaling solution for Ethereum. And this layer-one scaling solution has proven to be very powerful handling upwards of 10,000 transactions per second making its capacity more than that of Cardano & Polygon. So we can already begin to see how this project lines up against other layer ones but the market cap for Telos is significantly lower. Stemming from the same vein, Telos’ new EVM has made it possible to handle transactions at a 1/1000th of the cost to Ethereum.

That’s not where it ends. Telos comes with many other amazing benefits, namely being no front running. No front running is a concept that miners have been taking advantage of since the dawn of crypto times. This is a crooked concept where they make out on hiked gas fees. With Telos’s consistent low gas fees this takes away this problem entirely.

The team has put together a solid roadmap and by reaching their goals of T-3 Swap, EVM Update 2.0 I think $TLOS token holders will be rewarded greatly within the coming years. The native token to Telos has both a low supply and low market cap which makes it risky for investors but the reward is greatly.

What are your thoughts on Telos? Let me know down in the comment section below.

Ticker: $TLOS

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  1. People who said this project is a rug pull will likely miss the TLOS train, much like people who missed the SHIB train.

  2. Who thought Telos was a rug pull? That person should not be into crypto. That is insane

  3. Perfect time to buy during this dip… the buzz is overwhleming… defi exploting and it already has an nft market

  4. Not my first time hearing about this one, seems like a good buy. Will def do more research on this. As always great content!!

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