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Where does milk go when it expires?

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  1. Sorry but is it just me or do I hate the new cast and love the old ones I miss them (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ

  2. There's this Blimey Cow video where the kid is told that bad people go to Twitter when they die lol

  3. When he asked that question, my mind went somewhere else cause I started to wonder. Really wonder. Where does expired milk go? And then I realized. It’s so gosh darned simple! They go bad!

    We just need to stop them from doing crimes. Or from going bad all together.

  4. The Talk… Son, Milk goes to the hungry sink garbage depsenser holes in the kitchen!!! FEED THE SINKS!

  5. The milk usually goes into the garbage when it expires In my house. Is that normal or is my family weird?

  6. You don't want to know. I've never drunk expired milk before. But that is a story that can't end well.

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