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Why Jim Cramer recommends buying bitcoin or ethereum — With one caveat #Shorts

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Jim Cramer, host of CNBC’s “Mad Money,” explains why crypto should be part of a diversified portfolio. ‘There are fortunes made in crypto,’ he says.

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  1. This is the top recruiter for the next greater fool talent agency… he is a corporate sponsored scam facilitator. Where could you go wrong with the advice he is giving out?

  2. Primero comprende la información de confianza de la plataforma y luego le comunicamos cómo cooperar.

  3. Clown Cramer is always a piece of s… His mission is to make us broke…stay away from this nonsense.

  4. Faith in Crypto is like faith in a false religion. Both will come to ruin. Crypto is tied to speculators, and false religion is tied to idolatry.

  5. Bitcoin is a scam, just like a ponzi schemes and will continue to drop ultimately. Same with the metaverse, luna all of them. They should be totally avoided. A friend of mine lost his life savings when Luna (the grand scam) crashed. invest/believe in cryptocurrency or any of these at your own peril.

  6. Ironic thing is after all his advice he owns no single shares. Ethereum is probably best investment ever he has recomnended.

  7. The price movement across all asset classes is speculative, isn’t just unique to crypto pal.

  8. He says don’t invest in hope securities and in the next sentence he says invest in hope securities. This guy always has back up the truck and shortly after the stock crashes. He should stick to what he knows trying to maximize the dollars in his pocket with his teachings in classrooms. This is all my opinion.

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