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Why You Should Own At Least 500 Flux – Flux Crypto – Flux Price Prediction

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In today’s video we will be discussing why you should own at least 500 Flux (Flux) and offering a realistic price prediction. But first let’s answer the question.

What is Flux?

Flux is the next generation of decentralized cloud infrastructure that is scalable. Simply create, manage, and deploy your applications across multiple servers at the same time. With Flux Web 3.0, Dapps, and more are all possible.

The Flux Ecosystem is a fully operational suite of decentralized computing services in addition to blockchain-as-a-service solutions that provide an interoperable, decentralized development environment comparable to Amazon Web Services.Flux is a native GPU-mineable POW (Proof of Work) coin that provides incentives for hardware hosts, DAO governance, and minimizes malicious intent via staking requirements for operating hardware.

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  1. Very good. I would add that 170m of their 229m circulating supply is locked in nodes. This number grew from 87m to 170m in the last 5 weeks. They now have more cores, RAM, node providers and storage than ICP, which has a 10x greater market cap.

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