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WORD MAGIK: Locked in the Spells of the Occult w/Geoff Hughes

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  1. Doenut, you’ve met your match. He may just be a lil bit wiser. No offense bub.

  2. How does it benefit whomever? Omg. This guy is absolutely amazing. Please let me talk to you.

  3. Need a longer interview!
    define: inter – To deposit (a dead body) in the earth or in a tomb.
    define: view – An opinion or judgment colored by the feeling or bias of its holder.
    it's everywhere:)

  4. Amen. Thank you Jordan Maxwell for delivering this knowledge to me first. Rest in peace.

  5. The water is sick, the culling is not over. Smoke em while you got em, don't be fooled by the abundance of undrinkable salt water people will survive if they fight until all water systems including the central banking system does like Bruce Lee said and be water my friend. Then when your accounts are (DRAINED) and it's too late, and the municipal water systems are tainted by design. We will see the true nature of all, when the instinct to survive and feed your children arises. Primal instincts always prevail if they didn't you would be commiting suicide. Suicide from starvation really should only be the choice if there is no food that's when canbalism becomes a decision that has to be considered and in the past has happened. Even today animals eat their children if need be and were only human. So finding food shouldn't be an issue because bill gates has enough french fries to feed us all for free. But some of you may need to eat the babies and whoever looks the most delicious. But wait there's more, if everyone grew a small garden as a requirement we would have an abundance of food, no way that would be stupid you can get covid

  6. The new BA.1.1 variant has a striking resemblance to BAAL when using the Pythagorean English geomatria chart to replace the first 1 with the letter A and while the second 1 appears as the lower case letter L. Omnicron (moronic when rearranged), delta Omnicron when doing a letter jumble spell media control

  7. God Bless You My Brothers! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  8. Some of this is OK, but some is absolute Jordan Maxwell-esque BS. "Law" is not an anagram of land, sea, air. Curren-sea? Really? Also, birth and berth come from two different roots with two different meanings. Politician is not a combination of politics and magician. Seems like a few grains of truth mixed with a ton of invention/speculation. Love your content usually, Doenut, but it's this kind of thing that discredits anyone into conspiracies, etc.

  9. 4:23 .. I don't see how one can truly be red pilled, and still view the world in a Christian way..

  10. There's nothing wrong with Pagans..
    How can your God be omnipresent, if not in everything?

  11. I LOVE words and grammar. This helps to learn. I never want to be stagnant again. I was during my 20 years of depression. 2020 woke me up from that.

  12. That's what Zelensky will do. He'll wait until large majority of Ukrainians have fled the country during this war. After the war, NATO and "other" foreigners 😉 will claim the land and the Ukrainians who fled will have no land under their name. ✊🏼 As WEF said; you will own nothing.

  13. Sun = 54 = 9, English, In Chaldean = 14 = 5.
    Soil = 55 = 1, English, In Chaldean = 14 = 5.

    Satan = 55 = 1, English, In Chaldean = 14 = 5.
    Latin = 56 = 11, English, In Chaldean = 14 = 5.
    Mint = 56 = 11, English, In Chaldean = 14 = 5.
    Birth = 57 = 3, English, In Chaldean = 14 = 5.

    MATX = 58 = 4, English, In Chaldean = 14 = 5. (Computer Mother Board)

    Mum = 47 = (11) English, In Chaldean = 14 = 5. (Hidden, keep mum To remain silent; to not say anything (e.g., about a secret).
    Time = 47 = 11, English, In Chaldean = 14 = 5.

    Natal = 48 = 3, English, In Chaldean = 14 = 5.
    SHU = 48 = 3, English, In Chaldean = 14 = 5. The Egyptian God Shu was the God of Air. Basically he was everything between the earth and sky (who are also his children). He was what held up the sky (his daughter) up above the earth (his son) with his own hands. Without this heroic and eternal act of separation, creation would not have been possible.

    Blood = 48 = 3, English, In Chaldean = 23 = 5.

  14. this dude knows a lot , and I know a lot, but he knows way way a lot lol totally engrish but I had to lol he is very good, I need to have a conversation with him.

  15. I Love Your videos ! And i think you are a Hazarian! I em sorry but this is my opinion.But I still watch you and suport Your work

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