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WORLD GOVERNMENT Merging Monero And Bitcoin INTO FEDCOIN!?!? Crypto Sanctions

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CRYPTO SANCTIONS For FEDCOIN. World governments and Blackrock Want to MERGE Bitcoin, Monero and ALL Cryptocurrency to create FEDCoin. Crypto sanctions and Crypto being seized will be coming soon. How Monero and Bitcoin will Survive the world government regulation on Crypto and the future of Monero, Bitcoin and other crypto coins. Coinbase, Crypto Dot Com And Other Crypto exchanges are all ready working with governments on the new gold backed currency war.


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  1. The World’s Only Lasting Financial Ecosystem or The Wolf Ecosystem has synergised the legacy financial system with blockchain technology.

    Managed by a patented blockchain energy system we have created an ecosystem which was developed with real world usage and user experience at the core of its architecture whilst ensuring all governmental regulations and policies are met and maintained.

  2. I've only recently come across your channel. Your videos are to the point and really clear, (perfect for a layman and none techy bloke like me to understand). Grand job thanks alot for your time and information.

  3. How can you confiscate what you can’t find? Also, crypto would become worthless without Miners /Nodes.

  4. This is why we need to migrate to DNA based computers because then they can't ban or illegalize anything computer related without commiting genocide.

  5. Absolutely. Crypto is becoming the prison that will lock us into the second coming of the matrix. Peoole think they are breaking out when most of them are being lead straight into the chambers.

  6. It will be curtains for Europe indeed! By the way Google just announced that any content speaking against Ukraine in any shape or form or supporting Russia will no longer be monetised

  7. The government is like that creepy uncle bill at the party who is always barging in on your privacy 😂😂

  8. In Hungary they don't care about these sanctions at all.
    The rules here are the following:
    – Starting from the 1st of january in 2022, 15% tax on all crypto gains
    – You need to pay this tax only if you convert to fiat and transfer it to a bank account number based in Hungary
    – From the whole crypto income you are allowed to deduct the buy price (bought BTC at 40k, sold at 41k, you will only need to pay 15% after the 1k difference)
    – After you got your 15% tax counted, you can deduct costs from it, wich you used to get the income, even as an individual. (This includes trade costs, transfer costs, internet bills, electricity bills, mobile phone bills and if you pay mortgage or rent a house you can deduct a percent of that too as if you are renting an office)

    The govement decisions in the USA are based upon what the backers of the senators needs. The senators are not making decisions for the well being of 99% of the citizens who voted and elected them, but the backers who supported them financially during the election period. This is just another type of stock market trading…

    Houses were cheaper, because people bought them without the help of banks or built it themselves. Then the people came who started buying up houses by the dozens to rent them out, thus prices went up, thus people couldn't allow them, thus banks invented mortgage to make people's miserable spending their unearned money in advance.

  9. what if my whole identity is compromised and canada reset my id ? im clean ?

  10. To get crypto without KYC is very similar to travelling with natural immunity these days. Thanks for the video, I agree with you 100%.

  11. War. We need to be free fuck the government. No government no centralized all that benefits are the rich

  12. Cbdc is coming. If that happens and you don't own land, crypto, gold/silver you not via the governments you will get fuckeddddddd for sure.

  13. The most private thing to do is pay in cash no matter what coin you use there's nothing 100% private it's just a matter of time before the government takes over a private. Coin and a new one appears it's a game of mice and cats

  14. They cannot starve Russia from exporting it's gas 40% from Europe gas is from Russia 25% from oil is from Russia doing this would only hurt Europe and result Europe especially Germany to lose power of most of factories and facilities and the Russians would just switch their gas and oil exports to it's best friend china which already has shortage of power so it might affect Russia but surly it would destroy Europe + Germany and France are with Russia in this point the only fuel company that didn't pull out of Russia is the france one and Germany took over the oil company in Germany so it doesn't stop dealing with Russia.

  15. Here is a conspiracy for you….maybe there is a global shortage of semiconductors because governments are mass producing implantable microchips

  16. Ignore politics you dont know about, putin is removing nazis from Ukraine and shutting down bio labs owned by america on its doorstep. Ukraine is the moneypot for usa. Fck the dollar.

  17. It's fun to have been born in this time. Got to live in la la land for 20 years before things got serious. Though I'm getting enjoyment over it all, it's actually a lot of fun.

  18. What do they mean by MERG? A basket of them like the SDR maybe? otherwise makes no sense.

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