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World Governments Ending Monero and Merging Cryptocurrency to become the new digital dollar. The FEDCOIN and the digital CBDC coming to the new world government digital centralized currency. How to have a decentralized crypto over the central crypto the government wants. the future of Monero and the future of cryptocurrency. The metaverse is becoming a centralized government run crypto prison over the peer to peer web 3 world is was meant to be. Privacy technology.


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  1. honestly all those new taxes laws make me want to give up society and move somewhere away and live in peace

  2. I am on the same page what the boomers are doing with crypto is super cringe. most people are selfishly apathetic and are ok with being slaves as long as they can get along with their lives. Sometimes i hope the nukes go off and everything gets leveled because mad max would be better blade runner

  3. Stablecoins are fiat. Cbdc is no crypto. Its digital fiat… Aka shitcoins…

  4. Dude relax bro your accredited. I didn't hear you mention 1 solution as your blaming your viewers for cryptocurrency regulations going awry. I'm curious what's your solution? I very much agree a fight needs to take place.

  5. Hey Cody. Love the channel.

    I’m starting an LLC rn through the same company in Wyoming you’ve suggested.

    I’m trying to find a bank that will allow me to open an account but they keep asking for my personal info. Is that normal? In other words, am I able to stay anonymous to the bank?

    Also, what banks are ideal for anonymity?

  6. Hey bro should I be trading crypto and doing all my crypto activities on a open source computer or is that not ideal? I have an s Corp business and I'm about to buy some new laptops. Should I have open source for crypto and my businesses? Or can crypto apps not be installed on open source? Maybe do a video If you can. I'm looking to buy asap so I would really appreciate a response soon. I follow you for everything when it comes to privacy. Will be paying for your services very soon. I'm just getting started with my business and crypto. Thank you

  7. I feel like crypto is great and all but soon or later everyone will be able to make their own crypto all the same way as the best cryptos out there and people will have too many to choose from.. im all for anonymity but the best way to do it is cash and even better gold and silver

  8. If you’ve done nothing wrong you have nothing to hide… now let me invade your space! Hahahaha

  9. The government does not care and ignores the people

    Revolution is in the air

  10. did you really think crypto currency was even real? it's either a pazi scheme or was used to condition us for cbdc.

    how anyone thought that any one but the federal reserve dictates the currency is beyond me.

  11. why do people fund tyrants? Stop this and you stop them. But they already have the tyrannical police state, who has the biggest stick on the block. So one of two people can do nothing but get more of ther wealth confiscated, or complete freedom took. They have turned up the heat slowly enough that you have two choices at this point complete loss or servitude, and not enough will choose complete loss, so those that are willing do so in vain

  12. Nuff Respect! From Antigua and Barbuda. Its a world wide struggle rn.

  13. I hope it's a "privacy stablecoin", not another pump & dump privacy coin with premine, and founders holding X%. Otherwise, you've lost my trust of following you for years.

  14. Cody, you're one of the realest ones out here! Love you and your content. Stay blessed my friend! 🙏

  15. Sooo one world currency….. huh… seems like i might get denied my groceries because I've reached my CO2 limit.

  16. It's a very good idea if people get to setup some stuffs aside for themselves that could be bringing them money apart from there businesses

  17. You should be a politician then you are the law and can sleep with goat's. Metaphorically speaking.

  18. In my opinion, Bitcoin was created by the NSA, CIA, or some other Government entity, and this was all always part of the plan. That's not to say that Freedom in Crypto won't win, but I'm not surprised by any of this.

  19. Love your videos but your wrong about Elon Musk. He is a globalist who is being used for controlled opposition.

  20. They can ban Monero because it doesn’t have smart contracts and has to be traded on exchanges with kyc. 0xMonero is smart contract compatible and can be traded privately on decentralised exchanges.

  21. "I am asking from you: Why are you allowing them to do this? Why are you accepting this?" – the answer is: people do not know, how to fight the "government" in an efficient way or how to stop them from applying new "laws". And if people see no way to effectively stop it, then no action is taken. People need guidance, on how to take the right steps for this to happen – on a personal and community level. Hint for a new video 😉

  22. nice to see silver coins and copper rounds make a come back to the USSR

  23. – waaaay to many people starting there own crypto, and they all sound good.

    – waaaaay to much competition.

    – buy physical minted gold coins
    – buy physical minted platinum coins
    Play it smart.
    Anybody got a better idea , I'm all ears ,_ ???

  24. Calm down bro, you are trying too hard. what you say is interesting enough, no need to clown and speak overenthudiasticaly

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