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Wow😱 158% in one day top gainer coin on ByBit – $OKSE on Binance BNB chain – Eljaboom interview

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EljaBoomCrypto-tech-based influencer EljaBoom is a real-time investor, advanced blockchain portfolio advisor, and is the CEO of OKSE.

OKSE – a Visa card that makes crypto as spendable as the money in your bank but decentralized funded. Your Crypto is Your Crypto.
You can Spend-to-Earn with the OKSE card.

OKSE card is available in over 170 countries and ready to use on over 60 million visa merchants worldwide.

You can choose your payment currency and network. It takes just a few seconds to switch between the BNBChain and other available networks.

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  1. Eljaboom It was a great project.I was satisfied.I will definitely advise others to visit this project.Continue your work

  2. Of course, passive earnings are always needed, and as for the Okse project itself, I don't see any problems here to make investments.

  3. amazing, OKSE has brought a huge value and exploded spectacularly. OKSE will bring more value in the future, I am sure this will also be a big step forward and many people will participate in this project

  4. Great project, I've been using this project for two months now, payments are fast! Okse is really working.

  5. I hope these projects bring good profit Okse and we will also get good profit

  6. The reason it's actually worth learning here on youtube with guys that prepared these instruction videos is that they genuinely put the effort in making a structure and making sure they point/explain every aspect of what they use to write these codes themselves. Which makes these videos incredibly useful and efficient, thanks for the free knowledge!

  7. I sincerely appreciate the work you've done and the knowledge you share. Technical analysis can be helpful, but I think It is quite puzzling that well-known cryptocurrency YouTubers just pay attention to pure T.A and entirely ignore the bigger narrative of why BTC is inflating and why the outlook for the future is even more encouraging than it seems. Ignoring the reality that each ETF launch to this point has caused a sizable decline from BTC highs is somewhat dangerous. We were already in a perilous position and only survived a protracted bear market due to historically low volume and nearly whale pumps. Day trading should be given greater consideration because it is less affected by the market's situation. trading daily with Glenn Adams I have earned over 8BTC using his insights and charts. His insight has always been a step ahead of others..

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