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About Frank Chou:

Finance Director with over 10 years of experience implementing finance best practices for multi-billion-dollar companies serving both domestic and international marketplaces in the manufacturing, distribution/fulfillment, and mining sectors.

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  1. check out XDC very cheap for a banking coin i think they will be right behind XRP maybe 5 US each this year

  2. Indeed…It's a Pleasure to be a Part of XQK family..

    By way or the other,we can help to spread the Love to the Whole World…

    Reaching People / Community really in need🙏👍😇

    God bless this Crypto Project 🙏

  3. Didn't know there was a way to help others while at the same time enriching our lives through crypto. Thanks for bringing this opportunity to your channel 👍

  4. I love this project and hope that when we become wealthy from our asset investments, this token helps keep us connected to those who missed their rocket to the moon and need some help during hard times.

  5. Good on you Frank…
    I too did medical missions in the Philippines. 🇵🇭 i was there for a month helping providing Philippinos with optical, orthodics and dental. The people were awesome. They are truly something special. I follow you because of your content and knowing you generally want to help people in this crypto space keep informaned and up to date with what's going on in the space. To know you gave your time to help others in the world that need your help is just another reason to follow you. Keep on keeping it real bud and good on you to sacrifice your time to help others. Bravo.

  6. Xrswan only had 100m fixed supply this is a gem on xrpl everybody jump on this coin will make millionaires it only jus started up JUMP ON BEFORE ITS TO LATES

  7. Look at Brad Garlinghouse that n last swell he states “We are on mile 2 of a marathon “ so don’t expect anything for a loooooooong time

  8. XDX, DKP, XQK, TBBOB and xmeta are my favourites. I hope they all do well.

  9. Thank you Frank!!! this is a gem!! it will explode!! only charity coin on the xrpl!

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