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  1. How can I get Lobstr to change my email address? Rumor has it that with GESERA/NESERA some email domains wonโ€™t becoming back up when the internet goes down (yahoo etc). The help desk doesnโ€™t help?

  2. Great info. We are indeed blessed to be here early! Thank you for helping everyone

  3. I am wondering if you could show the proper way to be able to open a second Lobster wallet. I have one full and would like to start a second but an scared of screwing something up and getting locked out of my original account. Would be really nice to see the actual process and explanation in the process on what and why it is done they way you are doing it. I have learned a great deal from your videos and really like the way you come across to everyone. Thank you for all you are doing, Bill

  4. Do you know if UK will be using Lobster or is lobster just for some country's thanx

  5. I bought XLM in E-Toro. They said they will keep my coins. Can I have them transferred to LOBSTER?

  6. Can I see somewhere in Lobstr the total value of my portfolio? Can I also easily calculate profit and loss for each trade or swap?

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  11. Mr. CB, I was kicked out of MoonPay for no apparent reason. I purchased Lumens through CoinBase but have to wait 7 days, incredibly, before I can transfer to Lobstr. What can I do? I'm already behind he 8 ball and falling further behind. What do you recommend? What can I do to purchase more lumens and trade for assets now? Should I open another Lobstr wallet? Is that allowed? Can I unite assets of both LObstr wallets? Please give me advice, share your wisdom. Thank you!

  12. I've been unable to place anymore 2 Billion sell orders for 2 days now. Is there a limit to how many ?
    Some of my "2 Billion" orders have gone live so that's nice ๐Ÿ˜€. Wish I could place some more.

  13. the highlight in pink is due to the amount of xlm for that sell order. the larger the amount the more highlight it will give.

  14. Hey Brownie Zack Rector raised a valid concern- he said he punched up many of the links and they all donโ€™t turn up any viable information. Now anyone would and SHOULD naturally be skeptical of that so my question is how to answer such a logical concern especially with so much scamming going on? I for one have drank the Kool Aid and will sink with the ship, I ainโ€™t letting go and love you guys and will be on the boat on that great day

  15. I bought an asset and when I made a sell order for it at a higher price they froze my assets and would not allow me to trade. What a scam. Imagine buying something and when you try to sell it they totally lock you out of the market!

  16. has anyone been able to swap orders fulfilled from newly opened orders to XLM? I had several orders fulfilled yesterday but was not able to swap to XLM or to trade them

  17. Is there a video on how to swap ETH to XLM in Coinbase wallet than send to Lobstr?

  18. Hey Crytpo brownie, is Algorand on lobster? ๐Ÿค” like the real asset? I obviously have to transfer them somewhere safe lobster before the event, but cant seem to find the โ€œrealโ€ algo..

  19. Its nauseating to listen to some of the questions. The woman worring about the .5 difference in the XLM was stupid. The time wasted on the snall stuff takes away from the bigger picture.

  20. I am at my home page in Lobstr but I do not see how to get to Balance list.

  21. Could anyone explain why Moon Pay is a problem in the U. S., it accepts payment, then minutes or hours later it's declines transactions

  22. I dont mean to be 'that guy' but nobody seems to mention it. Have you ever considered that the evil forces have known about 'the great awakening' for a very long time? That there are no 'white hats', only black hats? They control the awakening by controlling the narrative. These people are not stupid, obviously. Arrogant yes, but not stupid. You are all rooting for your own doom and XRP is tied to the digital ID and WEF. The white hats you all look to are in actuality the order of the black sun, and Trump is part of that. They have created all the intelligence agencies and are in control of all military operations, world wide, all wars and shit, for centuries. They want to manifest a negative timeline and are doing it through deceit and manipulation. All these truthers talking about Pleiadians and Trump and white hats. Have you not heard Donald Marshall talking about this over 10 years ago? " I've seen some of those scenarios. They clone someone, activate them at the cloning center and introduce them to people who think they are good aliens who will help save humanity. Everybody is watching from the stands. This person wakes up and starts talking about the good aliens and how we are all going to be saved. Saw it happen like 30 times." Just like the fake bible. Sit back and relax, wait for your savior. Yes, there will come a financial collapse, but no, QFS is not a quantum system, and the blockchain is created to control every aspect of your life. You might get rich, but you are all manifesting the negative timeline by engaging with their plans.

  23. Brownie ,why if you scroll down on some of the assets does it say the issuer can freeze your asset if suspicious activity is noticed? Most assets say the opposite? Just so I know whether or not to delete those other ones. Seems to be the hedgefunds or gems etc that say the issuer can freeze them? Is this anything to be concerned about. There all of your spreadsheet so I guess their good?

  24. Ask questions? Lol I just got kicked off the qsi chat last night for asking simply if token topics guy was legit ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  25. you can see from the PINK color that your order is filling, with a lot of buying/selling power the pink/green color goes very quickly. and when the bar is full your order disappears (pink for sell,green for buy)

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