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SEC email: [email protected]

Subject line: Investor Advisory Committee Nominee for consideration: Frank Chou

Dear SEC Investor Advisory Committee,

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I request that you please strongly consider Frank Chou for an appointment to your Investor Advisory Committee. He is a highly qualified finance executive with over 10 years of experience implementing finance best practices for multi-billion-dollar companies serving both domestic and international marketplaces across multiple industries. He is well suited to advise the Commission on how to better protect investor interests and promote the integrity of the securities marketplace.

His background aligns with the Committee’s stated purpose in Exchange Act Section 39(a) in that he:
• Represents the interests of individual equity and debt investors and, critically, digital asset investors
• Is knowledgeable about investment issues and decisions
• Has a reputation of integrity

Frank is well-suited to represent retail investors per your “Functional Membership” categorization and will bring the “fresh perspective” you seek in your Procedures for Appointments to the Investor Advisory Committee. As you seek to fulfill your stated goals of Diversity and Inclusion please also note that Frank is a minority nominee who was raised in an underserved community by a single mother. This additional perspective helps ensure your Committee has consideration for backgrounds and communities that might routinely be overlooked. As a strong representative of the investor community, I am confident Frank would serve well on the Investor Advisory Committee.

Thank you for your consideration,


Hester Peirce Tweet Requesting Applicants for Investor Advisory Committee

SEC Seeks Candidates for Investor Advisory Committee

Current Investor Advisory Committee

Procedures for Appointments to the Investor Advisory Committee

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  1. Please consider emailing the SEC with the template provided in the video description.

  2. Done with a personalized intro with this addition. Frank is the real deal and he proves it daily. What a great hire this would be for not only you, but the entire nation. This is a no brainer for all concerned.

  3. Frank – they don’t listen to their advisors. They were advised not to bring legal action against Ripple

    Do you honestly think that you can do something good here?

    They are an unethical organization that has indecipherable legislation and questionable motives.

    Joining them and not being able to effect change because of cronyism will label you as part-of-the-problem.

  4. Ok Frank. You are an incredible person for the position. It's my pleasure to help you out Sir. Thank you. Rob

  5. I don’t ever comment but for this.. You got it Frank! I’m sure that video was not the easiest for you but Definitely glad you did. You can hear the excitement of the possibilities in your voice. You’ve got my support sir. I’ll be sending the recommendation letter this evening. You’re def a perfect fit and would be an asset to the committee giving a voice to the people the SEC claims to benefit. I wish you luck. You deserve it. If it doesn’t happen, there’s even greater plans for you in the near future I’m sure of it Frank. Thanks for all you do.

  6. Please, please, please, Everyone needs to do this otherwise their only choices may be Joe Lubin and Max Keiser.

  7. Before you become busy with your new job i saw in your pics that you had visited the Philippines. Please tell me about it. I am eager to hear.🇵🇭

  8. YES IT IS A BRILLIANT IDEÀ that you submit an application for the post. COngratulations the instance you mentioned the opening my mind was telling me to encourage YOU!!

  9. I’m in Canada so can’t help with sending this well written letter to support you but I encourage others stateside to do so. Go get em!!

  10. If only the fuckers settle or withdraw we should be on our Merry way already but they extended it such fuckery if you know you are fucked why not just drop the case ffs

  11. Frank, thanks so much for putting on the NA Bitcoin Conference! Great presentations that I learned a lot from watching your channel and I can tell you're growing as well and putting out great content.

  12. good luck but i think they will only take a yes man and line his pockets the same as the rest of them

  13. Frank i am from Canada i watch you every day you got my vote hands down go for frank 👍👋❤️🙏

  14. Frank, hearing your background, you are a perfect fit for this position. Dude, represent our voices……and go
    kick some ass!

  15. Emailed! Although the pessimist in me thinks that all the xrp videos might go against you when they do their background search. Good luck!

  16. Recommendation sent.. I had no idea of your experience, but I had come to appreciate your insights and comments. Keep up the good work and I'll always help where I can.
    Thank you for your commitment. I and many of my friends from Australia applaud you.

  17. Frank, I am a proud listener of your content and all the effort you put into your videos. You have my support all the way and you are a great candidate. Email has been sent and the best of luck to you. Fight the good fight.

  18. Both my wife and I have sent emails… I would love to see someone with your integrity serve our community. Thanks for always putting out quality content and reliable information.

  19. I’ll definitely send an email just one thing. If you get the part will you will you still be aloud to make YouTube videos of all the content you currently make? I really like your content and I hope you get the part and still be able to make the content.

  20. Frank, there are few people I admire in crypto market and just want say your at top my list. With your experience, drive, overall hard worker there’s no better choice than you. You have our support 100%.

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