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XRP Ripple news today ⚠️ Gensler XRP ABUSER, Ripple Updates, Warren Anti-Crypto Bill

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XRP Ripple news today (3/17): Senate Banking – Digital Assets & Illicit Finance, Sen Warren ANTI-CRYPTO Bill, SEC Committee Member Condemns Gensler Crypto ABUSE, Garlinghouse on EO, Clarity, Ripple Drop – BIG Company Updates: Growing Crypto Liquidity, Banner Year for RippleNet, Ripple Liquidity Hub

XRP Ripple news today:
► Senate Banking – Digital Assets & Illicit Finance
► Sen Warren ANTI-CRYPTO Bill
► SEC Committee Member Condemns Gensler Crypto ABUSE
► Garlinghouse on EO, Clarity
► Ripple Drop – BIG Company Updates: Growing Crypto Liquidity, Banner Year for RippleNet, Ripple Liquidity Hub



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XRP Ripple news today – LIVE Understanding the Role of Digital Assets in Illicit Finance – Senate

New crypto sanctions bill targets publishing code, facilitating transactions

Former SEC Advisory Committee Member Condemns SEC Chair’s “Abuse of Digital Assets”

Ripple CEO: SEC Has Reduced Crypto Industry Competitiveness, U.S. Only Country In World That Considers XRP Security

The Ripple Drop: Growing Crypto Liquidity, Banner Year for RippleNet and Ripple Liquidity Hub

00:00 Intro
01:15 Crypto Market Update
01:58 Senate Banking – Digital Assets & Illicit Finance
03:34 Sen Warren ANTI-CRYPTO Bill
05:41 SEC Committee Member Condemns Gensler Crypto ABUSE
08:45 Garlinghouse on EO, Clarity
11:29 Ripple Drop – BIG Company Updates
12:00 Growing Crypto Liquidity
13:04 Banner Year for RippleNet
15:13 Ripple Liquidity Hub
17:13 Closing thoughts



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  1. Excellent excellent points Frank! In fact, the only thing that's absolutely clear is the fact that there is no clarity at all.

  2. You can tell from the Hearing that Senator Warren & Brown are being paid by someone, probably the banks. If not they are really stupid!

  3. Sorry, I had to work. I can't stand Warren; to be honest, we need younger people in congress.

  4. Thank you frank for your live streams and keeping us in the know and what you do is truly amazing for crypto

  5. Frank.. Great Job as always. Warren makes me feel so good that I am not an American. She's gonna ruin it for all new start up. They keep saying they are protecting the people. But as we have seen how they protect the retail investors from the short sellers in the stock markets.

  6. She knows as much about crypto as she does about being a Native American

  7. As usual Elizabeth Warren is behind the the times and is trying to protect her banker friends. She is not protecting the public but rather protecting the banker cartels so they can maintain their monopoly on all finance.

  8. I am sure GG Daughter (She works with and for AW) and AW wrote the Bill. Nothing like Congress having inside information and manipulation. This is BS, AW likes to Poke the Bull that doesn't support her or make her look good. Congress at its finest.

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