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XRP Ripple news today 🤡 Gensler – Crypto Platforms "Outside the Law," SEC v Ripple, JPMorgan ETH

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XRP Ripple news today (3/4): Gensler – Crypto platforms ‘outside the law,’ JPMorgan owns critical Ethereum infrastructure, SEC V. Ripple: Next Decision Critical, PYMNTS Blockchain Series: What Is XRP?

XRP Ripple news today:
► Gensler – Crypto platforms ‘outside the law’
► JPMorgan owns critical Ethereum infrastructure
► SEC V. Ripple: Next Decision Critical
► PYMNTS Blockchain Series: What Is XRP?



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Crypto platforms that don’t register with the SEC do business ‘outside the law’: Gensler

ConsenSys lawsuit reveals JPMorgan owns critical Ethereum infrastructure


PYMNTS Blockchain Series: What Is XRP? The Cryptocurrency Making A Ripple In Payments

00:00 Intro
01:09 Crypto Market Update
01:49 Gensler – Crypto platforms ‘outside the law’
04:39 JPMorgan owns critical Ethereum infrastructure
05:53 SEC V. Ripple: Next Decision Critical
08:05 PYMNTS Blockchain Series: What Is XRP?
10:13 Crossing Borders
12:16 Future Insecurity?
13:21 Closing thoughts



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  1. I never believe you ☝️ have a real working software not until he gave me the working software and I installed it on my computer and withdraw my first Bitcoins thanks for giving such memories I pray may God continue to bless you and your family for me thank once again??

  2. Gensler just didn’t care enough about crypto to reinvent the wheel or to make enemies. I also think that the current administration doesn’t give a dam about crypto either except to collect tax revenue. That’s why they have tried to bulldoze us! But they didn’t count on the crypto community to be so smart! 😂

  3. Go figure…JPM has a significant role in ethereum and they are smack in the middle of SEC insiders. If the can manipulate the silver market for decades and pay a fine that is a crumb of what their manipulation made…..that's smart business. Prison time needs to happen.

  4. I hope Ripple does not settle with the good old boy network entrenched at the SEC, rather they clean their clock and bring what has transpired to the light of day for the world to see.

  5. The SEC is the most crooked organization on the planet. FROM EXPERIENCE, The SEC does NOT have to provide ANY evidence, to anybody, when they want to shut a company down and file a lawsuit. They are ONLY in it for the money. They don't care about protecting anybody but themselves. They disable legitimate companies who are making money so they can pocket from the profits of others. They make false accusations and tell the company they must cease and desist. Then after the SEC cripples the company (taking $680 million), they file a lawsuit against the owner. The SEC takes years and years to build a case (5 years in this case) and the owner finally pleads "no contest". The SEC of course tacks on their absorbent fees (In the MILLIONS) THEN, with NO NOTICE the SEC files a lawsuit against millions of unsuspecting third party, independent sub-contractors/defendants who already lost their income. The SEC had already taken pending payments from these subcontractors 8 years prior (literally overnight). The SEC is NOT required to serve legal notice to these defendants because it would be "too burdensome". The judge (also crooked) okay's this; and these unsuspecting defendants are slapped with a foreign judgment with property liens EIGHT years AFTER the company is shut down. The SEC wants everyone to give them the income they received from the owner for the previous two years. Nobody was given a chance to defend themselves and lives are shattered. I am about to lose my home because of this! RIPPLE SHOULD NOT PAY THE FINE! PLEASE FIGHT FOR THOSE OF US WHO HAVE BEEN SHATTERED BY THE SEC!

  6. I think that if the emails and notes are ruled to be released, the sec might actually dismiss the case or try to settle with a huge win for ripple.

    The mass amount of fighting from the sec to keep all of that hidden in my view means that the information is damning to the secs case.

  7. "Lucrative for JP Morgan"…..weird. These banks can go belly up for all I care.

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