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XRP Ripple news today: Biden Crypto Exec Order, Ripple Settlement Fake? FinCEN Crypto, Ripple SXSW

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XRP Ripple news today (3/7): Biden Crypto Exec Order, Ripple Settlement Fake? FinCEN Crypto, Ripple SXSW

XRP Ripple news today:
► Biden Crypto Executive Order
► SEC Ripple Rumors of Settlement are Inaccurate?
► FinCEN Crypto Sanction Evasion
► The Ripple House at SXSW



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Biden Crypto Executive Order Coming ‘This Week’: Report

Eleanor Terrett – SEC losing confidence:

Ripple Settlement Fake News?

FinCEN Provides Financial Institutions with Red Flags on Potential Russian Sanctions Evasion Attempts

Tommy on XRP

The Ripple House at SXSW

00:00 Intro
00:58 Crypto Market Update
02:41 Biden Crypto Executive Order
03:47 SEC Staff Not Confident in Ripple Outcome
04:16 SEC Ripple Rumors of Settlement are Inaccurate?
05:12 FinCEN Crypto Sanction Evasion
07:14 The Ripple House at SXSW
08:08 Closing thoughts



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  1. This season has been really great, I made massive profits on my crypto investment thanks to my expert Frederick Joseph.

  2. Not to be proud in anyway at all, but today my NFT holdings have passed the $70k mark…. I had less than $2000 when I entered this space 3 months ago. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity to transform my life and thank you to everyone who has helped me get here.

  3. So, will Biden's executive order be good news for XRP holders, or will it be bad?

  4. <Nice video and great work, Honestly the right information is what we need to succeed. I believe the benefits of a successful trader comes from an expert and that is why i make huge profit with the help of Mrs Paisley Patrick,Am in a long-term investment with her and my profit has increased tremendously she's a genius and that's why i always advice novice to trade with professionals like her..

  5. I dont get how, with all the incriminating evidence against hinman, luben, consensy, etherium's ICO etc etc how it's not all being investigated by numerous bodies…
    Especially when the credability of the SEC🤣🤣 is on global trial.
    Nothing seems to add up,
    Like its playing out exactly as planned…. 🤔

  6. Those tubers that hype nonsense, they well aware its either true or not, but just wanna gain view.. spouting garbage be real crypto tubers are just phoney and misleading people.. not saying you as one of them👌

  7. Sunday Chou, although different than the daily XRP update, I was expecting possibly a 30 minute or hour long Chou. If you're a bit of a developer maybe go into details on that, or if you're knowledgeable on economics maybe talk about that. Maybe talk about ODL am not clear on how that links up to XRP.

  8. Be careful, trading isn't for the weak hearted. I started great and look at me, almost lost it all until I met Mrs. Jessica Scott… I'm gonna tell a detailed story of my folly😂

  9. Frank: What do u think of eLONGEVITY? The Methuselah Foundation is NOT some metaverse game. Doge to the moon. 🚀🌙 DOGELON TO THE MARS!🌟 $ELON 😎

  10. End of the Petrodollar? XRP will soon be the international reserve neutral bridge currency. 😉

  11. Executive order; I wanna be hyped but they was saying this last week so I won’t get excited and then again why get excited when i don’t even know it’s bad or good

    I guess when you been in the space for so long and seen so many ups ups ups and few downs that eat up all 3 ups lol you get emotionally drained

    Thanks frank

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