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XRP Ripple news today: Is xSPECTAR the XRPL Metaverse Project You MUST Pay Attention to?

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XRP Ripple news today (5/15): Is xSPECTAR the XRPL Metaverse Project You MUST Pay Attention to?

XRP Ripple news today:
► What is xSPECTAR?
► xSPECTAR Mission, Vision, & Values
► xSPECTAR Utilities
► xSPECTAR Tokenomics
► xSPECTAR Roadmap
► xSPECTAR Core Team



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xSPECTAR 1 on 1 with Founder Dirk – YouTube Premier – NFTs and The Metaverse on the XRP Ledger

xSPECTAR website

xSPECTAR Whitepaper

It’s SHO time! — Strong Holder Offering (SHO) explained

00:00 Intro
00:30 Background to this video
01:09 Reminder – DYOR
01:49 xSPECTAR Start with LinkTree
02:14 Check out James Rule video with Founder
02:41 xSPECTAR Twitter Verified, YouTube Channel
03:25 Times Square & Website Start
04:16 What is xSPECTAR?
04:55 xSPECTAR Mission, Vision, & Values
05:51 xSPECTAR Utilities
09:05 xSPECTAR Tokenomics
09:50 xSPECTAR Roadmap
10:12 xSPECTAR Core Team
10:37 xSPECTAR FAQs on Website
11:00 xSPECTAR White Paper
12:03 SHO Happening Now
12:35 Closing thoughts


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  1. Great talk Frank!!! Thank you Sir. Must add to your comment about Gary. Add mo to that foe!! His input and opinion are pure garbage just like his bs role of Commissioner in title name only. A perfect shrill for the banking industry and his flawed buddies, Billy and Jay bag!!

  2. No way! I think Gamium $GMM is going to dominate the metaverse and they are also partnered with mr beast!

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