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Yield Hunt Police and Thief Clone NFT Game – Free NFT Giveaway!

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I’ve had so many people request that I do a review of Yield Hunt, so here it is 🙂

This is a clone of the Police and Thief game (which is a clone of the Wolf and Sheep game).

You can buy Thieves for 40k $GEM tokens (about $38 total right now), and it earns 10k $GEM per day (about $8/day). ROI is in 4 days.

I think the artwork is great, and the developers are very responsive. I’m a little concerned about the price of $GEM going forward, but the development team is putting some things in place to hopefully help with that.

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  1. I was able to sell my thief at the P&T Game and bought 4 adventurer and 1 A6 hunter ! thank you

  2. I would love to get that nft and my favorite passive income source will be this one because it's my first😂

  3. strong, favorite passive income, found/ heard long ago, haven't got in yet, saw it @ 250ish new to crypto price jumped to 4-450 right away got all wankey about price still considering it, many rabbit holes later now, waiting to see BTC recover or not . i found you now recently last few months.. appreciate your content and sincerity… would love to win mr. sword adventurer NFT if you haven't already given him away. thanks for all James look forward to further good info.! peace

  4. I like sword NFT i like to hear anything on rave bunnies NFt plus Fantom and bomb finance

  5. Hey James I would love to have this NFT! My favorite passive income right now is the animal Farm. Im not sure if you have talked about it or not but I felt really lucky to hear about it while the prelaunch was rolling in cross my fingers

  6. Hey, great video! I would like that nft, favourite passive income I heard from somewhere else would be Voting on Polkadot parachains auctions, feels like I participate in something, even if a little

  7. I would like this sword NFT!!! And my fav so far is the first one I got into yesterday… POWER. But looking forward to try some of these that you are talking about. Gonna start with this one today thank you so much for your help!!!… hopefully I didn’t miss out on givaway

  8. Hi James! Thanks for the great content! If you think about your own game/project. I'd be glad to participate as a dev.

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  10. Anyone experienced their Adventurer not earning any $GEM after hours of adventuring, and costing 0.4 AVAX($28) in order to unstake it to restake?

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