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You can now Buy REAL Land on SATOSHI ISLAND using NFT & Design Home in the MetaVerse / Full Details

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NFPT (Non Fungible Property Tokens) NOW BEING SOLD FOR ONLY $60K

Also – Free Citizenship Airdrop NFTS starting now!

Full Breakdown / Video / Details


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  1. something smells bad in denmark. Smart city. No, thanks!! A trojan horse. Pls, stop with ur smartyness shitty ideas. We bitcoiners want anarchy, no goverment, no control, no help at all!! no technology invading our lifes.

  2. Been my home for so so long that country… people have no idea what that nation and their people is like.. I have seen millionaires and billionaires give up on their dreams there…
    but of course , I know a few who still live there and haven’t been crushed by the forces that protect that country from over development….

    Interesting project..

    Let us know more about the prices and visitation duration 🍃🌿

  3. Hmm I lived nearby for many years , had lunch with some of the politicians.. nice place… but this project is unusual that’s for sure…

    Like a different world than anything that’s there in that country
    These people let you live there for free for the rest of your life if you are happy to live a life that’s not all about business…
    They’ll give you land and friendship and share everything with you.. unless you try to dominate the region with business , then they’ll attack you with black magic – no joke..

  4. First 1000 people will get free nft. it means they will be owner of real land and can live there? or have to pay 60k for buying. please clear

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