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ZCash Edward Snowden SCAM / MONERO And CIA Privacy Crypto Exposed!

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Edward Snowden Creating Zcash with CIA tricks and Cryptocurrency becoming the next big scam. What is the future of Monero is better than ZCASH and other Privacy coins. How to crypto, the best privacy coins alike ARRR Pirate chain over ZCASH. Edward Snowden was a shadow builder of ZCASH according to the main stream media, using CIA level Cryptocurrency tricks to create ZCASH as a ghost. The “privacy coin” that never was, POPULAR. Privacy is a right.


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  1. Okay Privacy X is there any crypto for regular people thats solid, reputable, doable for regular transactions? Or yeah truly decentralized seriously, what?

  2. this wont age well lmao, this guy is clueless. Uneducated influencers like him are a detriment to this space.

  3. Not everyone who believes in privacy also believe in using it for illegal illicit purposes. I believe this fundamental difference will become apparent as more and more entrepreneurs rush to protect the privacy of their wealth. Sanctions, government tax and control, we are currently experiencing a very interesting time of forced transparency on numerous fronts, Zcash will just be another tool in protecting informational wealth. Millionaires & Billionaires hate tax, the last thing they're going to do is dump their wealth into Piratechain or Monero. Zcash provides a critical necessity of anonymity, professional privacy.

  4. omg These monero people are crazy. It's like BTC maximalists but worse. Totally ignoring obfuscation vs encryption. Zcash is far superior privacy technology.

  5. ☝️I'm really thankful for helping me recover my money perfectly ☝️

  6. 👆I can't Thank you enough for Helping Me Recover My lost crypto's and getting back my funds ⬆️👆

  7. Dude can you please address all these crypto scammers? Crypto investment advisors that everyone talks about in comments are all scammers. Like Ms jane forbes or Mr john farly, any of these people that go by mr or mrs are SCAMMERS.

  8. You can't trust anyone these days man. Best way to be is to accumulate your gains and try to keep it in privacy until your ready to cash out and pay your taxes. I'm really focused on privacy and options ever since I started watching your channel. Thank you for keeping us informed on everything. Keep up the excellent work champ!


  9. Love the quick Secret Network mention. We're working hard every day here to make make it better and better

  10. i wish there was a monero, for burritos. and pizza, maybe a plumber invoice. small transaction fees

  11. I use z cash on spend. Lots of retailers take it. I know it's not private but I don't have to be in visa or cash at point of sale

  12. Can u use Linux with qubes os, whonix and tail together ? And do these work on ipad ?

  13. pirate chain is a fork of zcash though lol. having 7times more transaction doesnt make it better, just wider adoption. however i will come back to this video when zcash hits 1000$ in 2 months and 12 days more or less.

  14. Добрый день! Думаю надо запустить опрос среди иудеев, хасидов, евреев и мусульман поддерживают ли они ликвидацию народов СССР. Ликвидацию через эвакуацию и сожжение

  15. Man you're trying hard to discredit Zcash, you're right that the Shielded transactions on Zcash are less than the Ring signatures/decoy transactions on Monero. But are Ring signatures really private when they are part of the limited decoys?

    Zcash has hard cap 21M supply & 4yr halving like Bitcoin unlike Monero's unlimited inflation with tail supply. And comparing the Zcash fork Pirate coin with Zcash is so dumb.

    We are seriously early accumulating ZEC, it's just gone through the first halving! I'll continue to buy ZEC for the long term, the dev team is solid, the self funding mechanism allows them to fund development during bear market and the shielded privacy via encryption is second to none. Even Ethereum Foundation & Filecoin work with Zcash tech.

  16. I think it's a few things:

    1) There's broad misunderstanding of Zcash tech. A lot of ppl think it's similar to Monero where mix-set depends on other users transacting around the same time. Thus they think existence/dominance of t-addrs makes z->z weak. Which is not correct.

    2) Monero's origin story (albeit hard to really determine) is not known to involve a centralized company, whereas ECC has always been very important (though less so with time) in Zcash ecosystem.

    3) Zcash's protocol-level dev/founder reward, now going to dev/ecosystem, but also going to founders/investors in 1st epoch. Personally I'd love to see this completely phased out over time (could be a long time), but pros and cons here.

    4) Some other stuff like trusted setup (which is going away), & auditability (complicated topic), but I think all that explains some folks' attitude.

    FWIW my own take is that a z->z tx is still the most private single tx you can do, thus the system is valuable to the world.

    5. Halo is coming.

    Privacy X is misinformed.

  17. Same here… I really do believe that I have the ability to not only disrupt the food industry with crypto but also and I do know this is a big say but possibly be able to greatly reduce world hunger. But I need a working app before I launch a coin. Anyone wanna help me build it for free and get paid when the coin launches?? Hit me up I need help I’m a genius that can’t code…

  18. Hey the man was strapped for some cash, he is an international fugitive after all. lmao

  19. I don't know if you read or answer comments… But, dude… How do we beat this regulation bullshit? This whole blockchain based financial system is becoming complete sham. It all just falls perfectly in line with digital identities and social credit scores. It's turning into the most centralized network that humans have ever built.

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